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Paramotor Training & Gear Sales

New Arrivals

Paramotor Training

& Gear Sales

We offer paramotor training and new gear sales in Memphis, TN and Dallas, TX




Dan Craddock

USPPA Certified Instructor

FAA Private Pilot

Paradevils Aerobatic Team - Formation Pilot

Dan began flying general aviation 20 years ago, and found the love for paramotoring 12 years ago. Dan has a passion for making students and introducing all, to his love of aviation.


Collin Pike

USPPA Certified Instructor

FAA Instrument Rated PPL

Paradevils Aerobatic Team - Solo Pilot

Collin found his passion for flight at the age of 10 - beginning flying lessons that year. He found his enamorment in paramotoring 11 years ago, and loves sharing this wonderful form of flight.


Chris Christensen

USPPA PPG3 Certified Pilot


Paradevils Aerobatic Team - Solo Pilot

Chris began his aviation career in the United States Marine Corps as a helicopter pilot. After retiring from the USMC as a Major, Chris found his passion for paramotoring and quickly progressed. He is extremely passionate about instilling safety and enjoyment in aviation 

Why train with us?

Bootcamp Approach

There are some awesome instructors out there. If you're doing the training little by little (on weekends for example), most training programs will take several weeks and most likely months to complete the USSPA syllabus. By contrast, our "Bootcamp" approach is designed to teach you everything you need to know within the allotted time. We keep our classes small and only accept 6 students per Bootcamp and maintain a 3-1 instructor student ratio. You're here to learn. For the 7 days you will be here, you will eat, sleep, and breath paramotor training. 

Work and Play

Working remote is becoming ever more common. We began seeing prospective students struggle to justify taking an entire week or more off for training. So we made some adjustments so you may not have to. Our bootcamp is exactly that - a BootCamp. Our bootcamps commence on a Saturday, and you'll be hitting the ground running. Be prepared to be at the training location an hour or more before sunrise and working hard all day Saturday and Sunday. We're talking 14 hour days - Yea. It's intense. The benefit? Monday - Friday we still meet bright and early. But then, we break during the day. So if you work local to our training facilities in Dallas or Memphis, you can go to work. Or, if you work remote, you can hop online. We want you to become a paramotor pilot fast. But we know you also may have a day job. We keep our classes extremely small so we can provide you with the attention you need, to get you in the air safely and quickly.

Not Just Flying

We want you to learn more than just the physical aspects of flying. In addition to being USPPA certified, our instructors are all licensed pilots outside of paramotoring. We want you to get the most out of flying, and to do that, you need to learn the knowledge of flying. Following the USSPA training syllabus, our instructors teach a comprehensive Ground School. Covering topics from airspace and weather, to safety and engine maintenance. 



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