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Common Questions about Paramotor BootCamp

What is Paramotor "BootCamp"?

Our Paramotor BootCamp is designed to take someone with zero experience and within 7 days, have all the basics to fly safely and confidently alone. You are not done training until you feel comfortable going to fly on your own. The vast majority of students will leave our 7-day program as confident novice pilots ready to fly on their own. We offer PPG1, PPG2, and PPG3 ratings during BootCamp. All students who solo during training will leave our program with a PPG1 rating and will continue to work on their requirements for PPG2 (usually achieved within a few weeks of finishing our course). As you continue to develop your skills on your own, we will work with you remotely and in person until you achieve your PPG3 rating.

Learn more about USPPA ratings here: USPPA Ratings

Who is the ideal student for this "bootcamp" approach?

Our training program is rigorous and intense. That's why we call it "BootCamp". The ideal student for this style of training must be physically fit, eager to learn, and have the stamina to endure long days and physically demanding conditions. In our experience, students under the age of 50 are typically more likely to succeed with this intense style of training. If you are not sure about your physical ability, give us a call or reach out to us to discuss. Virtually ANYONE can learn to fly a paramotor but we recommend a different format of training for those who may not be able to complete our "BootCamp" style of training.

How do I know if paramotoring is for me?

f you have ever dreamt of flying or if you've been involved with any form of aviation, odds are you're going to love paramotoring. If you enjoy the feeling of riding a motorcycle, you're probably going to like the feeling of flying a paramotor. We have trained students who were simply curious about this sport and were just looking for a new hobby or a change of pace in their life (midlife crisis?), and after learning to fly, they didn't fly as often as they thought they would and they eventually fizzled out of this sport.

We want to be very clear about this...paramotoring is incredibly fun and rewarding but it's not as easy as it may seem. When you watch experienced pilots (like you may have seen on youtube), just know that they have put in a considerable amount of time, effort, and perhaps even blood, sweat, and tears to master these skills. Like any sport/hobby, it takes time and effort to become proficient.


I can't do a 7-day course. Are there other options?

Our primary training method is the 7-day training course. We occasionally offer individual session training to students who can't attend one of our courses. If you are committed to training with us and you plan on purchasing new gear from us, we may be able to train you outside of our scheduled courses. For more information please contact us individually. 

Where do you do the BootCamp training courses?

Memphis, TN

Our primary training facility is located outside of Memphis, TN. There are several options for nearby hotels or Airbnbs for out-of-town students.

Dallas, TX

Coming Soon

Do you offer private group training?

If you have a group of 3 or more people AND at least 1 person plans on purchasing new gear, we can schedule a private 7-day training course for your group at any location that's convenient for you. For private group training please contact us.

Common Questions about Gear

Do I need to buy new gear for training?

No. Our training program includes rental gear for you to learn on. We will provide the paramotor, wing, helmet, and anything else you may need for flying. We are proud to be a Parajet affiliated school and we use the incredibly popular Parajet Maverick for training. We have the gear to accommodate any pilot from 100 lbs to 250 lbs. If you weigh less than 100lbs or more than 250 lbs, you may need to purchase the appropriate wing size and motor suitable for your weight.

I want to purchase new gear. What brands do you sell?

We are happy to offer many of the top brands in the sport. If you want to purchase new gear, we are happy to help you in the selection process to ensure you have the right gear for your specific weight, skill level, and desired flying style. Call us to discuss!

We sell the following paramotor brands: Adventure PlumaAir ConceptionFly ProductsKangookMiniplane, Moment, Parajet (our preferred brand)Power2FlyProPulse, and Scout.

We sell the following wing brands: APCOBGD (our preferred brand)ITVNiviuk, and Ozone (our preferred brand)

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